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The agenda of the session included: the security and safety of staff; capitalizing on technology; the simplification in procedures, processes and entitlements; sustainable employability. Consultations were held with staff representatives.


Action on Security and safety of staff, Cost-sharing formula

Further to the agreements reached at its Task Force session in July, in particular with regard to the principles underpinning a new cost-sharing formula and using as a basis the results of the 18 July 2001 census, the Committee decided:

(a) To adopt a cost-sharing formula for the biennium 2002-2003 in respect of a total budget of $53.2 million as follows:

Action on Security and safety of staff, Arrangements for the Management of the Security System

The Committee:

  • Took note with appreciation of the proposals put forward for developing a robust governance system for security management throughout the United Nations system;
  • Acknowledged that, while preserving a clear line of command, security management arrangements should reflect the concerns and needs of users;
  • Requested that a task force led by UNHCR and including the United Nations, UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) review as soon as possible those and any other relevant proposals and prepare a document with recommendations for consultative mechanisms and structural relationships, including the linkages with local security arrangements, which would further enhance the security management system;
  • Agreed to consider the report of the task force by videoconference or other suitable means at the latest by the end of 2001.

Action on Security and safety of staff, Simplification of Evacuation Allowances

The Committee endorsed, for immediate implementation (that is, effective 10 September 2001 or as soon as possible thereafter) by all organizations of the common system, simplified evacuation allowances as contained in annex II of document HLCM/2001/R.1. It noted that they served to further overall efforts to streamline employee benefits.

Action on Capitalizing on Technology

The Committee:

  • Expressed its appreciation to the representative of the World Bank for his presentation on the integration of numerous databases into one data warehouse, and to the representative of the United Nations for his presentation on the managerial use of a consolidated and already integrated database;
  • Noted the willingness of the presenters to provide whatever information organizations might further require and whatever collaborative efforts organizations might wish to pursue with them.

Within its work programme, the Committee concurred with the inclusion of the following projects:

Action on Sustainable Employability

The Committee:

Took note of the recommendations made to it, inter alia, by the Human Resources Network with regard to pursuing this topic, including:

  • Undertaking an analysis of current policies and practices regarding job titles throughout the system and exploring the feasibility of moving towards titles that are more comparable, compatible and — to the world outside the United Nations family — meaningful;
  • Requesting organizations to undertake consultations on a new policy for considering all candidates for vacant posts from United Nations system organizations on a par with applicants from within the organization posting the vacancy and reporting the results of these consultations to the Committee at its next session

Concurred with the approaches being pursued by the secretariat within the framework of the Committee’s overall work programme;