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Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Representatives of FICSA and CCISUA; Security and Safety of Staff; Management Reform; Collaboration between HLCM and UNDG Management Group; Establishment of a Supply Network under HLCM; Information and Communication Technology Issues; Finance and Budget Issues, Human Resources Issues; Joint session with HLCP.


Action on Security and safety of staff

The Committee:

  • Endorsed the recommendations included in IASMN report of May 2006, as follows:

Paragraphs 28 to 30 on the production of CD-ROM 2 (Advanced Security in the Field).
Paragraph 51: on the development, by October 2006, of a training package on how to cope with mass casualties to be included in the next workshop for DSS field security officers held after this date.
Paragraphs 55 to 58: on security for women.
Paragraph 75 -78: on the work done with regard to cooperation with NGOs.

Action on Management reform

The Committee:

  • Invited organizations to provide the CEB Secretariat with information and documentation on their management reforms, for posting on the HLCM website.
  • Invited organizations to nominate representatives in the working group for the evaluation of a new ERP system.
  • Asked the UN to provide an update on the General Assembly’s discussion of the study on Governance and Oversight at the next HLCM session.