The High-level Committee on Programmes considered the item entitled “United Nations coherence at the regional level: synergies and complementarities between the regional coordination mechanism and regional directors’ team” on the basis of a report presented by the United Nations regional commissions, which was released in July 2008 as a contribution to the ongoing discussion and reflection within the United Nations system on improving coherence and delivering as one at the regional level. The considerations centred on how best to articulate the linkage between the functions of policy analysis at the regional level and the global policy analysis function of the High-level Committee on Programmes, without giving rise to a bureaucratic, report-intensive approach. It was noted that the regional directors teams had brought a good regional perspective to the United Nations Development Group as far as operational activities were concerned, and that the report had recommended that there be a similar link between the regional coordination mechanism, which addressed the policy and analysis part of the agenda, and the High-level Committee on Programmes. The prospect of a clearer division of labour and greater collaboration between the regional directors teams and regional coordination mechanisms was thought to hold great promise for bringing about more coherence in the work of the United Nations system.

The High-level Committee on Programmes agreed to invite the regional commissions, as convenors of the regional coordination mechanisms, to bring to the deliberations of the mechanisms those global issues that the Committee might wish to pursue at the regional level, bearing in mind regional priorities and the roles and functions of the mechanisms. The Committee also invited the regional commissions to bring to its deliberations any emerging interregional issues which merited consideration at the global level.