The reporting period marked the first year of existence of the Procurement Network of the High-level Committee on Management. During this period, the Network focused on aligning its inter-agency efforts with those of the Organization at large. The harmonization of procurement processes and practices in support of field offices, with a particular focus on the project offices in delivering-as-one pilot countries, was central to the work of the Network. Important progress also was made in the further development of the United Nations Global Marketplace (, which is used by more than 2,500 United Nations procurement practitioners and hosts information on approximately 13,000 potential suppliers. The efforts made towards professionalization of the procurement function were further augmented with the development of generic procurement-related job descriptions and a common competency framework, supported by the inclusion of information on the procurement training courses and materials available in the United Nations system in the Procurement Practitioner’s Handbook. Another outcome was the practical guidelines for commonly procured goods and services.