The High-level Committee on Management human resources management agenda has, as its overarching goal, the continued development of the international civil service as an independent, neutral, highly skilled and engaged resource to meet the ever-changing requirements of the international community. The High-level Committee on Management, in 2013, continued to focus on the implementation of the Inter-Organization Agreement concerning Transfer, Secondment or Loan of Staff among the Organizations Applying the United Nations Common System of Salaries and Allowances, adopted by the United Nations system organizations in 2012. In particular, the Committee reviewed current inter-agency mobility practices to identify bottlenecks and respective solutions and established an Inter-Agency Working Group proposing concrete measures to provide a solid legal and procedural framework for transfers, secondments and loans among the organizations at the Headquarters and field levels. 

Through the High-level Committee on Management, CEB also engaged in a comprehensive experience exchange on the implementation of good practices in performance management in its member organizations. Based on the continued work of an Inter-Agency Working Group on Performance Management, CEB members presented and discussed good experiences and lessons learned with regard to managing performance of teams and individual staff members. 

Responding to the call by the General Assembly in its resolutions 62/208 and 64/289 for improved harmonization in human resources, a pilot project promoting harmonized recruitment practices in the field has been successfully completed and is currently being expanded in additional pilot countries for subsequent global adoption. Tools have been created to simplify joint recruitment in order to speed up hiring and to increase mobility for national officers and General Service staff in the field in the “Delivering as one” pilot countries. 

The CEB secretariat continued to act as focal point for the methodological issues and regular updating of rates for short-term staff performing interpretation, translation and related functions. The net rates for interpreters and translators were calculated and issued by the CEB secretariat every six months.