CEB took up the issue of international migration and development on the basis of an initial assessment of the implications for the system, as discussed by the General Assembly at the High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development; CEB would seek to identify the steps needed to work towards greater policy coherence and programmatic and operational coordination in that area. In that regard, an effort by the Global Migration Group to improve the knowledge base through an inventory of available data sources in each of its member organizations was supported. The Group was also urged to take into account the issue of environmental degradation as a major push factor for migration.

CEB noted the initiative for convening a global forum on migration and development that would enable an ongoing dialogue among Governments on policies and practices that best contributed to progress. The importance of effective cooperation between the global forum, as an intergovernmental body, and the Global Migration Group, as an inter-agency mechanism well placed to support the forum, particularly in the areas of policy development and capacity-building was stressed. The Global Migration Group would be adopting new and more effective methods of work in the coming period and would address migration both as an economic issue linked to development and as a human rights issue.