Source: UN Photo, Shareef Sarhan
Source: UN Photo, Shareef Sarhan

The Inter-Agency Security Management Network (IASMN) meets twice a year to review existing and proposed policies and resources related to the UN security management system and makes recommendations on these to the High Level Committee on Management (HLCM).  IASMN is comprised of the senior managers who have oversight of security functions within each member organization of the UN security management system.  The network is chaired by the Under-Secretary General for Safety and Security.

The comprehensive review of policies and resource related issues pertaining to the UN security management system is a standing item on the agenda of the HLCM.  The HLCM either decides on IASMN's recommendations directly or proposes their endorsement and implementation to the Chief Executives Board for Coordination.

The following policies have recently been developed by IASMN and approved by the HLCM to support changes to the security management system:

  • Updated sections of the Field Security Handbook on the UN policy regarding security management system applicability;
  • New certification standards for close protection officers;
  • Use of force policy for UN security officials in the security management system; and
  • New policy on security clearance procedures and travel request information processes.

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