Guidance Note for Offices affected by an Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Outbreak for personnel other than staff members

This statement on the management of personnel other than staff members, has been prepared with the view of ensuring a coordinated, common approach at the country and local level with regard to the most important aspects of managing personnel in the event of an Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak. In the case of UN Volunteers, the UNV office in Bonn will have to be permanently informed.

Gender Community of Practice

The Gender Community of Practice includes policies and practices of UN system organizations. Its objectives are: to raise the level of awareness of the gender issues; share the experience with the use of gender policies in each organization; consider the implementation of such policies adopted by agencies and bridge the perceived separation between the policy level per se and its value for the successful implementation of programmatic mandates.

UN Care Newsletter

UN Cares is the UN system-wide workplace programme on HIV. At present approximately 1.4% of UN staff, about 1,400 people, are HIV positive, many more have family members and friends living with HIV, and others have died from AIDS-related causes. UN Cares seeks to provide “universal access” to a comprehensive range of benefits, called the 10 Minimum Standards, for all UN personnel and their families.