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This report is the second donor report developed to report on progress of the HLCM Harmonization of Business Practices Plan of Action. It is clear that in 2011, has seen significant developments. Several initial projects have been completed, others are near completion or on track and several new initiatives are in the pipeline. This document will provide an update with details of each project presented in Annex I. Annex II contains a list of pipeline projects. The 2012 report is titled HBP key achievements and reports on the results of the projects based on the orignal objectives of the funding proposal.

Harmonization of Business Practices Key Achievements (2011-2012)

The HBP Plan of Action Trust fund was established after the approval of the HLCM in the fall of 2008. After a first donation by New Zealand in December that year donations were received from Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. A total of US$ 10.25 was received. To date, a total of approximately US$ 7.1 Million has been allocated to different projects. The projects that are finalized, on-going or in the pipeline all fall into one or more of these categories. This report is organized along these objectives with one “flagship” project listed first under each of the objectives.

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