The Harmonization of Business Practices Plan of Action (HBP) funds projects that aim to improve management efficiencies in the UN system. The projects fall into the areas of Human Resources, Information and Communications Technology, Procurement and Finance and Budget which corresponds to the networks under the High Level Committee on Management. The documents below show the discussion in the UN system on business practice reform and provides the inter-governmental mandates to which HBP responds.

Key Achievements of the HBP in 2011-2012

The third donor report covering the Harmonization of Business Practices Plan of Action (HBP) for 2012 is organized around the HBP Project Proposal's objectives: Achieve Efficiency Gains, Adopt International Standards and Replicate Best Practices, Enhance Trasparency and Accountability, Enhance Public Trust and Engage Stakeholders, Facilitate Knowledge and Resource Sharing and Faciliate Effective INter-agency Coordination.  The report shows how the different projects under the HBP support the achievement of these objectives.

Quadrennial comprehensive policy review of operational activities for development of the United Nations system

The Quadriennial Comprehensive Policy Review is a General Assembly resolution from December 2012 that provides the direction for the UN development system for the next four years.  In paragraphs 152-163 business practices are discussed in detail and provides guidance for the HLCM.  Many HBP projects support the outcomes expected in the QCPR.

Summary of the informal consultations of the General Assembly on United Nations System-wide Coherence (Business Practices), 28 June 2007

Mr. Jayantilal Karia, Director of the Accounts Division in the United Nations Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Accounts, briefed on the efforts under way to harmonize business practices across the Unite Nations system.

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