The Harmonization of Business Practices Plan of Action (HBP) is a set of projects aiming to help the UN system to deliver better programming results through improved coherence in management practices. 

The UN system organizations have been created at different times for different purposes and with different business models which has led to divergent and sometimes inefficient practices.The Plan of Action, drawing on a trust fund origionaly totaled $10.5 Million  donated by New Zealand, the UK, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands seeks to bring these business practices together where it makes programmatic and financial sense to improve efficiency.  Having started activities in 2009, under the over-all control of a Steering Committee chaired by the Vice Chair of the HLCM, the HBP has funded thirteen projects in different areas of management.

Harmonization of Business Practices Background Documents

The Harmonization of Business Practices Plan of Action (HBP) funds projects that aim to improve management efficiencies in the UN system. The projects fall into the areas of Human Resources, Information and Communications Technology, Procurement and Finance and Budget which corresponds to the networks under the High Level Committee on Management. The documents below show the discussion in the UN system on business practice reform and provides the inter-governmental mandates to which HBP responds.

Harmonization of Business Practices Funding Proposal

The HLCM plan of action builds on the belief that, within a system structured around a variety of mandates, an increased coherence in the working modalities of the member organizations would contribute significantly to their ability to deliver better programmatic results, while in the medium and long term allowing for a substitution/reduction of costs to be derived by individual organizations.

Business Practices Initiatives

Business Practices address operational matters that can be harmonized and strengthened at the system-wide, inter-agency level in the fields of human resources, finance and budget, information and communication technology and procurement. This section contains reports for each project in the four thematic areas of ICT, Procurement, Finance and Budget and Human Resources.

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