A harmonization of business practices project on treasury services, focusing on foreign exchange and launched in 2011, came to maturity in 2012 and reported over $20 million in savings from better exchange rates through collaboration, directly benefiting programmatic delivery by increasing the amount of local currency available to implement programmes. Furthermore, additional work in treasury services in the area of common banking was initiated in late 2012. This responds to the call, in paragraph 121 of resolution 62/208 and paragraph 45 of resolution 64/289, for collaboration in areas where considerable savings can be achieved.
In the area of financial management, the CEB secretariat developed and launched an enhanced mechanism to collect and report on comprehensive United Nations system-wide financial statistics. This project responds to paragraphs 16 and 28 of resolution 62/208 and paragraph 41 of resolution 64/289 on improved availability of data on financial flows. Through the new CEB website (www.unsceb.org), a vast set of financial data as well as human resource data on the entire United Nations system is now available for public access.