In line with the growing momentum for climate action, the UN system has stepped up its efforts to support Member States in addressing climate change, identified by Member States in General Assembly resolution 68/212 as “one of the greatest challenges of our time”.  The High-Level Committee on Programmes, through its Working Group on Climate Change, expanded its efforts in 2014 to make the UN system’s climate-related expertise and services more accessible to Member States and other partners. The Working Group published a brochure on "How the UN System Supports Ambitious Action on Climate Change",  which was written and produced by almost 40 UN entities and launched at the Climate Summit held in September 2014. It also compiled the 400 most recent and relevant UN system climate change publications into a virtual library, hosted by UN CC:Learn, the UN system’s learning partnership on climate change.  The library was also made available offline to conference participants through the distribution of 1800 certified carbon neutral and sustainably sourced USB ports at the twentieth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in December 2014.

At the Conference, the Working Group on Climate Change of the High-level Committee on Programmes organized ten joint UN-system side events and technical briefings, highlighting the UN system’s work on climate action in a range of thematic areas, including climate finance, health, food security and transport. In addition, a joint “One UN Exhibit Area,” showcased how the various UN system entities worked together to support Member States in key thematic areas such as sustainable energy, industry, green investments, education, climate science and human mobility.