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To catalyze low‐emissions, climate‐resilient growth, countries need access to adequate climate finance that simultaneously reduces GHG emissions and promotes poverty reduction. The challenge is to mobilize a variety of resources at scale, while at the same time delivering at sufficient speed along national development priorities. The UN system has the experience and presence to assist countries in scaling up finance to address climate change in a way that strengthens and advances national development priorities.

UN system agencies can play an important role in advising governments on the mix of regulatory and financial incentives to generate and access finance for lowcarbon, climate‐resilient investments.

The UN system provides a global presence through country and regional offices with unmatched in‐country networks of staff and experts, as well as expertise in the relevant sectors.

The Climate Finance Options platform addresses information needs on the multitude of funds available for climate action in developing countries. This platform is managed by UNDP/World Bank Group and is complemented by the Finance Portal being developed by the UNFCCC secretariat. Both platforms will ultimately help to catalyze financial and investment flows leading to more effective and efficient mitigation and adaptation measures.