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Economic & Social Affairs / Development / Migration

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Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, Mr. Wu Hongbo (Convenor)

The establishment of Executive Committees was an important component of the reform process launched by the Secretary-General in early 1997. They comprise the four principal sectoral areas of the Organization's work--Peace and Security, Economic and Social Affairs, Development Operations and Humanitarian Affairs, each with its own designated Convenor. The Executive Committee on Economic and Social Affairs (ECESA) is one of these four Committees with the Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs serving as Convenor.

As a coordination vehicle for the United Nations in Economic and Social Affairs, ECESA commits itself to: 

  • ensuring a greater coherence of views within the United Nations; 
  • facilitating a more effective participation of developing countries in global processes; 
  • achieving a better balance between the global and regional dimensions of development, in terms of analysis, norm and standard setting and technical assistance; and 
  • strengthening the linkages among the UN normative, analytical and operational work.