The United Nations Evaluation Group had prepared a proposal for the joint High Level Committee on Programmes-High-level Committee on Management spring session 2007 concerning the establishment of a United Nations system-wide evaluation mechanism linked to CEB to fill the current gap concerning evaluation of system-wide processes. It was stressed that such a mechanism must be independent in order to be credible and must at the same time meet the priority needs of its stakeholders. In order to advance transparency, accountability and learning, such a mechanism would promote the quality and independence of all United Nations evaluation work, foster harmonization of evaluation systems across the United Nations, undertake evaluations of system-wide strategic issues, and promote the development of evaluation capacity in member countries, including the promotion of a culture of independent evaluation to enable them to take the lead in the evaluation of programmes at the country level.

The High Level Committee on Programmes and High-level Committee on Management jointly endorsed the approach suggested by the United Nations Evaluation Group and emphasized that on the basis of the subsidiarity principle, work should be undertaken within the evaluation system at the most appropriate level.