CEB also continued to provide oversight, through the High-Level Committee on Management and its Human Resources Network, of staff management policies and practices across the system with a view to promoting best practices, harmonization and administrative simplification. Issues addressed included:

  • Measures to enhance inter-agency mobility, including the adoption by CEB of an inter-agency mobility policy statement;
  • The development of a new inter-organizational mobility accord to replace the inter-organization agreement concerning the transfer, secondment or loan of staff among the organizations applying the United Nations common system of salaries and allowances;
  • Initiatives to support staff and dependants living with HIV/AIDS;
  • Harmonization of various remuneration packages offered by organizations of the common system to staff working at non-family duty stations;
  • Efforts to provide employment opportunities for the spouses of staff members as an increasingly relevant factor in attracting and retaining staff and ensuring gender balance for jobs around the globe.

In response to the request of the General Assembly that the Secretary-General, in his capacity as Chairman of CEB, redesignate the Senior Management Service, it was agreed to rename the initiative the Senior Management Network to better reflect its character as a set of collaborative efforts to enhance the managerial capacity and performance of senior staff.

In addressing management issues, CEB, the High-Level Committee on Management and the Human Resources Network continued to engage in dialogue with representatives of staff bodies and the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC). As provided for in article 28 of the statute of ICSC, the Human Resources Network continued to coordinate and represent the collective views of the United Nations system executive heads before ICSC on all matters under examination by it.

Strengthening the international civil service

Since 1997, executive heads of organizations of the system that participate in the common system of pay and benefits have followed with keen interest developments in regard to the Secretary-General’s proposal for a review and strengthening of ICSC. They welcomed the decision of the General Assembly in its resolution 57/285 to launch a panel on the strengthening of the international civil service.