Cooperating agencies: GEF, ILO, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNEP, UNIDO, UN Regional Commissions, World Bank Group

  • Transforming markets through testing, development and establishment of new technologies; promoting the development of markets for energy efficient technologies and development of International Standards on Energy Management;
  • Green Jobs Initiative to promote opportunity, equity and the transition to a green economy; standardized licensing agreements to facilitate technology transfer and reduce transaction costs;
  • regional programmes on trade and environment capacity building to foster an enabling environment for technology transfer;
  • supporting policy change and institutional development to promote greater private sector investment in technology transfer and development (such as smart wind tariffs, power purchase agreements, and capitalization of pilot financial instruments);
  • transforming markets through testing, development and establishment of new technologies, financial products/structures, and business models, and scaling up of those successful initiatives with the highest potential impact;
  • policy analysis on the ingredients for enabling environments for technology transfer, and policy options for promoting private sector inputs into public policy outcomes.