The Chief Executives Board reviewed the progress in the implementation of the Toolkit for Mainstreaming Employment and Decent Work, which was prepared under the leadership of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in close collaboration with all CEB members and was endorsed by the Board at its 2007 spring session. CEB member organizations were in the process of undertaking self-assessments of the employment and decent work outcomes of their policies, programmes and activities. A knowledge-sharing interactive web platform for collecting the relevant tools, knowledge and best practices of the entire system was also released. A CD-ROM and an explanatory video, as well as the presentations of the toolkit at various international events and meetings, generated widespread interest, including among Governments, non-governmental organizations, parliamentarians and local authorities.

The toolkit was simultaneously being adapted for application by United Nations country teams at the field level and tested in three of the eight United Nations pilot countries (Mozambique, United Republic of Tanzania and Viet Nam)  as well as in Egypt. Given the importance of national ownership of the employment toolkit knowledge base, it was being translated into Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish.