In his five year Action Plan, the Secretary General calls for the Launch of a second generation of "Delivering as one", which will focus on managing and monitoring for results, ensuring increased accountability and improved outcomes.

Building on the considerable efforts and resources already dedicated to assisting UN Country Teams in their efforts to Deliver as One, HLCM, in coordination with UNDG, aims to be a driving force in shaping the next generation of this undertaking, in particular by enabling the successful implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). In doing so, the HLCM shall guide the efforts directed at following up on lessons learned and solutions initiated, so as to address bottlenecks at the country level and develop system wide solutions. This approach should help ensure the alignment of country level operations with priorities at the HQ/policy level.

Standard Operating Procedures for countries wishing to adopt the Delivering as One approach

Following the World Summit of 2005, where the need for UN reform was given new impetus, the Secretary-General appointed the High-Level Panel on System-Wide Coherence in 2006. In the report, entitled Delivering as One, the panel presented a series of recommendations aimed (amongst other issues) at strengthening the UN’s work in partnership with host governments, the UN’s focus on results, and creating unified UN Country Teams, with the capacity to coherently address cross-cutting issues.