In response to General Assembly resolution 62/208, significant progress has been made in developing the necessary policy frameworks to strengthen the effectiveness of United Nations operations in support of countries in transition from relief to development. The United Nations Development Group supported the review of the integrated missions planning process and contributed to the drafting of a policy on United Nations transition in the context of mission drawdown or withdrawal, with emphasis on capacity development and fostering national ownership.

Integrated strategic frameworks are being applied in 18 countries to foster coherence among United Nations actors towards common strategic goals. In the context of United Nations Development Assistance Framework roll-out support, the United Nations Development Group continued to prioritize support to United Nations country teams on conflict analysis, prevention and conflict-sensitive programming. The Group continued to enhance support to strengthen the strategic planning capacity of resident coordinators and United Nations country teams. This enhanced support contributed towards: (a) ensuring that United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks and integrated strategic frameworks are aligned with national priorities, focused and integrating the work of peacekeeping and special political missions and United Nations country teams; (b) better programming, with an increasing number of joint programmes being undertaken with the peacekeeping and special political missions; and (c) better services provided to Governments and United Nations country teams.