Member States have consistently supported continuous cooperation between CEB and other jointly financed coordination bodies. In 2011, the CEB secretariat continued its increasingly active and regular interactions with those bodies, in particular with the Joint Inspection Unit and the International Civil Service Commission. In this regard, the CEB secretariat has sought to strengthen its interactions and cooperation through the acceleration of comments on system-wide reports of the Joint Inspection Unit and the more frequent participation of the Unit and the International Civil Service Commission in the meetings of the subsidiary machinery of CEB. In addition, regular exchanges are managed with oversight bodies such as the Office for Internal Oversight Services.

The International Civil Service Commission is regularly invited to contribute its views on relevant issues before the High-level Committee on Management, and participates in all meetings of the Committee’s Human Resources Network and in most of the activities of its task forces and working groups. Reciprocally, the CEB secretariat participates in all sessions of the Commission and is involved in many of its working groups considering issues of system-wide importance such as on mobility and hardship, standards of conduct and others. In July 2011, the Network organized a one-day retreat with members of the International Civil Service Commission to develop closer working relations and enhance collaboration. In other areas of cooperation, the CEB secretariat also produces and shares personnel statistics data, analysis, system-wide data compilation and studies with the Commission.

The subject of closer coordination between CEB member organizations and the Joint Inspection Unit continues to be a priority. The CEB secretariat continues to encourage member organizations, among other actions, to ensure a good information flow between each organization and the Joint Inspection Unit as well as coordinate action on the recommendations and programme of work of the Joint Inspection Unit. Concerning the programme of work of the Joint Inspection Unit, while organizations of the United Nations system have always contributed to this process, the CEB secretariat also assisted the Joint Inspection Unit in the identification of relevant and useful topics that it may consider in its programme of work for 2012. In addition, CEB and its high-level committees continue to look at ways to further enhance cooperation between the Secretariat and the Joint Inspection Unit. Inspectors are regularly invited to participate in meetings of the networks of the High-level Committee on Management to exchange views during the preparation of the reports of the Joint Inspection Unit, as relevant. The United Nations system welcomed the increased system-wide perspective of the work of the Joint Inspection Unit as contained in its medium-term planning and revised Strategic Framework for 2010-2019. While the Joint Inspection Unit has increased its system-wide focus with an average of eight to nine reports up from four to five, the CEB secretariat has continued to perform its activities in support of the work of the Joint Inspection Unit within existing capacities.