Member States have consistently called for continuous cooperation among the jointly financed bodies (see General Assembly resolutions 64/262 and 65/270 and the report of the Committee for Programme and Coordination (A/66/16)), and in 2012 the Board and its secretariat have responded in substantial ways through contributions to the processes of both the International Civil Service Commission and the Joint Inspection Unit.

CEB and the International Civil Service Commission have a long history of collaboration, with the Commission and the Human Resources Network of the High-level Committee on Management participating meaningfully in each other’s sessions. In 2012, several issues under consideration by the Commission included contributions from CEB. For example, as part of its review of the level of the education grant, the Commission considered proposals developed by the Human Resource Network and presented by the CEB secretariat. In addition, during its consideration of the issue of the mandatory age of separation, the Commission utilized a study carried out by a working group convened by the Committee.

As with the International Civil Service Commission, the Joint Inspection Unit and CEB continue to strengthen their collaboration, especially in the light of the request by Member States to the Unit to increase its consideration of issues of a system-wide nature. To facilitate the preparation of these reports, and in response to paragraph 12 of General Assembly resolution 66/259, the Secretary-General, in his capacity as Chair of CEB, invited the executive heads of participating organizations to facilitate the work of the Unit by accelerating their comments on the reports and recommendations of the Unit so that reports are followed up in a timely manner.

During the preparation of its reports, the Joint Inspection Unit has been invited to interact with the mechanisms of CEB. For example, the High-level Committee on Management, though its Human Resources Network, supported the data collection and provided comments on the drafts of two relevant reports, “Management of sick leave in the United Nations system” (A/67/337) and on “Staff recruitment in United Nations system organizations: a comparative analysis and benchmarking framework” (JIU/REP/2012/4), and the Network supported the efforts of the Unit on their report of ICT governance. In addition, the High-level Committee on Programmes invited the Unit to join its twenty-fourth session for discussions on UN-Oceans, given that the Unit had recently concluded its evaluation report of the mechanism.

Finally, as has been the case in previous years, CEB engaged in comprehensive exercise to assist the Joint Inspection Unit with the identification of relevant topics of system-wide impact for the programme of work of the Unit.