CEB and the Joint Inspection Unit continued to collaborate, particularly during the preparation of reports by the Joint Inspection Unit with a system-wide focus. During 2014, consultations between the Joint Inspection Unit and the CEB took place on a regular basis. For example during the drafting of the JIU report on a "System-wide review of results-based management - phase II" the CEB Secretariat shared all the documentation, training material and tools produced by the Results-Based Management Community of Practice of the High-Level Committee on Management. A similar exchange of views and information occurred during the preparation of the Joint Inspection Unit report on "Review of safety and security in the United Nations system". Finally, during 2014, the CEB Secretariat participated in the bi-annual workshop of agency focal points, and presented to the workshop the process utilized for preparing system-wide comments.

CEB also continued to assist the Joint Inspection Unit with the identification of relevant topics of system-wide impact for the programme of work of the Joint Inspection Unit.

The Human Resource Network of the High-level Committee on Management also continued its long history of participation in the sessions and working groups of the International Civil Service Commission and the meetings of Advisory Committee on Post-Adjustment Questions. Through its Field Group, the Human Resource Network also closely collaborated with the Commission on matters such as the review of hardship classifications and other field-based entitlements.