Through its subsidiary bodies, CEB continues to substantially contribute to the processes of both ICSC and the Joint Inspection Unit.

The Human Resource Network of the High-level Committee on Management has a long history of meaningful participation in the sessions of ICSC. In 2013, the Network agreed to provide input into the ICSC comprehensive review of the United Nations common system compensation package, with the Co-Chairs of the Network participating as part of a contact group to support the development of a detailed workplan for the review. In addition, the Network contributed to the Commission’s discussions regarding the mandatory age of separation. 

CEB and the Joint Inspection Unit continued their already strong collaboration, especially in the light of Member States’ requests to the Joint Inspection Unit to increase its consideration of issues of a system-wide nature. During the preparation of its reports, the Joint Inspection Unit was invited to interact with the mechanisms of CEB. For example, the High-level Committee on Management, through its Procurement Network, provided input into the preparation of the report on long-term agreements in procurement in the United Nations system, and the Information and Communications Technology Network supported the preparation of the report on enterprise resource planning systems. In addition, the Human Resources Network provided input into reports that concern human resource issues. These examples are indicative of the regular participation of the sub-bodies of CEB in the preparation of reports of the Joint Inspection Unit.

CEB also continues to assist the Joint Inspection Unit with the identification of relevant topics of system-wide impact for the programme of work of the Joint Inspection Unit.