The High-level Committee on Programmes considered the possibilities for strengthening the engagement of the United Nations system in the work of the Economic and Social Council, stressing the need to define approaches and develop modalities to engage the organizations of the system in a real dialogue with the Council. It was envisaged that two panel discussions would be organized during the coordination segment of the Council’s substantive session of 2009, one on the role of the United Nations system in sustainable development, highlighting the food and energy crises and climate change, and the second on the impact of the current financial crisis on sustainable development, including its social consequences. By building such substantive interaction with intergovernmental processes, the organizations of the United Nations system would be brought closer to the work of the Council. A joint review by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat and the CEB secretariat will be undertaken to contemplate additional options for enhancing the contribution of the system to the Council. As part of this review, consideration will be given to raising the level of participation in the Council’s coordination segment and improving the transparency of inter-agency coordination processes.