The High-level Committee on Management reviewed current practices within the system for sharing information contained in internal audit reports through its finance and budget network. In that regard, initial criteria that could serve to guide the exercise were under consideration with a view to establishing a common approach to disclosure of information contained in internal audit reports. Further consultations would be held within the community of internal auditors and the Finance and Budget Network and the eventual criteria would take into account consultations with the Board of External Auditors and the Institute of Internal Auditors, as well as the need to respect the legislative decisions of governing bodies of United Nations system organizations.

CEB underlined the importance of internal audit reports as a vital management tool for executive heads as well as the need to distinguish between internal and external audits and their separate functions. The need to preserve the integrity of the internal audit as a management tool was acknowledged and, at the same time, the Board also acknowledged that the system was faced with growing demand for transparency and accountability to which it had to respond. CEB would revert to that matter at its forthcoming session on the basis of further consultations by the High-level Committee on Management.