Effective and coordinated action across programmatic, management and operational issues in support of intergovernmental mandates is essential in order for the United Nations system to deliver results that address global challenges facing the international community. In 2013, CEB, under the leadership of the Secretary-General, facilitated the United Nations system efforts to work together in a coherent and coordinated manner.

The quadrennial comprehensive policy review requires a coherent and coordinated response by the United Nations system and provides important directives to CEB and subsidiary bodies for follow-up action. Improving and innovating administrative and management functions of the United Nations system continued to be a high priority for CEB in 2013. In this context, progress has been made in the areas of human resources management and the simplification and harmonization of business practices. 

Dialogue and interaction between CEB and Member States increased in 2013 through a series of briefings and presentation by the Secretary of the Board and the leadership of the High-level Committee on Management. The transparency and accountability of CEB to Member States was further enhanced by the development of a revised CEB website. CEB also continued its cooperation with other jointly financed coordination bodies, in particular with the Joint Inspection Unit and the International Civil Service Commission, and strengthened its cooperation with those bodies on issues of common concern.