With the Joint Inspection Unit having increasingly included issues with system-wide impact in its work programme, the reporting period saw a closer collaboration between CEB and the Unit. A comprehensive CEB-led exercise assisted in the identification of relevant topics for the Unit’s programme of work. CEB also worked closely with the Unit in the preparation of several of its reports, acting as both an expert subject-matter adviser and a facilitator of input from organizations on the content of the report. Steps were taken to ensure that organizations of the United Nations system provided timely inputs to the CEB companion reports to the Unit’s system-wide reports, thereby achieving a more effective report preparation process. Closer coordination between member organizations and the Joint Inspection Unit was discussed by the High-level Committee on Management, which called upon organizations to ensure the free flow of information between each organization and the Joint Inspection Unit, as well as coordinated action on the Unit’s recommendations and programme of work. These initiatives, in addition to an increase in informal communication, measurably improved the collaboration between the two inter-agency bodies, to the benefit of the entire United Nations system.