CEB Website Linking Policy

Links to the CEB web site In line with established Internet usage, any external web site may provide a hyperlink to the CEB web site or to any of its pages without requesting permission. However this use must not infringe CEB's intellectual property rights, in particular relating to its name, emblem, copyright or authors' rights. The UN emblem may not be used in providing a link. A link to the CEB web site must be used for information only, and not for the promotion of any organisation, product or service. A link to the CEB web site does not, and should not, imply any association between CEB and the owner of the linking site. Hyperlinks to the UN System web site should direct to the CEB homepage page or to complete pages that can be reached via navigation from the CEB home page. Links should not be made to an individual constituent of a page, for example text, picture or graphic. Our preference is that links should not be made direct to files that are available for download, for example pdf files, but to the web page from where you are able to download the files. Links from the CEB web site Because a link from the CEB web site may be interpreted as an endorsement by CEB of everything on the site to which the link leads, CEB does not normally provide such links unless there is a clear association with CEB or UN System activities. The UN System web site may from time to time have some exceptions to this rule for specific purposes, but links from UN System are normally reserved for the web sites of organizations within the UN System, or with which UN System works closely. The provision of a link from the CEB website to other sites does not indicate endorsement of those sites by CEB, and CEB accepts no responsibility for the validity or accuracy of their content. This principle extends to include content that is aggregated from UN system organizations and related entities and presented on the CEB website. Content of this nature is provided as a navigational aid only. It does not originate from CEB and does not necessarily reflect the views of CEB member organizations. CEB assumes no liability for views expressed in such content and assumes no liability for its accuracy.