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ACC/1993/14 Annex I

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The Committee will advise and assist the ACC on a wide range of issues with a view to promoting complementarities and mobilizing the United Nations system’s analytical, normative and operational capacities for economic and social development in support of common goals and agreed strategies.

To this end, it will in particular:

  • Ensure an ongoing dialogue regarding major strategies, approaches and issues relevant to the  development activities of the United Nations system and consider modalities for the system to  respond to socio-economic challenges facing the international community;
  • Consider issues related to enhancing the responsiveness of the system to national objectives and priorities, taking into account global and regional goals and strategies; promote programme coordination and collaborative arrangements among organizations of the system around substantive priority themes; and review their progress periodically;
  • Consider and monitor progress on measures to enhance the programming, implementation and cost effectiveness of the system’s operational activities, in accordance with national plans and priorities and the impact of such measures on strengthening national capacities;
  • Consider matters relating to improved cooperation and coordination of action and effective harmonization of activities at the field level;
  • Prepare recommendations and/or policy options for consideration by the ACC, inter alia, in response to requests by intergovernmental bodies;
  • Recommend, where appropriate, measures for implementation of policy guidance emanating from Review the reports of designated subsidiary bodies and, as appropriate, make specific  recommendations for consideration by ACC.

The Committee should draw on the expertise of its member organizations to fulfil its functions and, as necessary, may convene task-oriented working groups to assist it in addressing specialized subjects within its mandate.