CEB Holds "UN System Delivering as One" Event on Sidelines of COP16
CEB Holds "UN System Delivering as One" Event on Sidelines of COP16

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Cancun in December 2010, the United Nations system highlighted its readiness to support Member States in implementing their commitments through side events and information material that presented the system’s ongoing work and practical tools.

The Secretary-General hosted a high-level CEB event during which he and several executive heads had an open exchange with ministers and high-level representatives of the parties to deepen dialogue on how the United Nations system could better support countries in reaching their development goals by addressing climate change.

The new approach of holding open and real-time discussions between Member States and senior United Nations officials generated unprecedented media interest and was broadcast over the Internet to a large audience.

UN System Supporting Adaptation in an Enhanced Adaptation Regime

Recognizing that successful cooperation and implementation of adaptation actions depends on a wide engagement of stakeholders, Parties have invited relevant multilateral, international, regional and national organizations, the public and private sectors, civil society and other relevant stakeholders to undertake and support adaptation in a coherent and integrated manner.