CEB welcomed the work accomplished by HLCP in regard to the inter-agency collaborative arrangements for the integrated follow-up to the outcomes of the Summit, focusing on the areas of freshwater, water and sanitation, energy, oceans and coastal areas and patterns of consumption and production.


Executive Heads expressed appreciation for the outcome of this exercise in the Committee. They asked the Committee to take account of the multi-year programme of work of the Commission on Sustainable Development in framing its future work programme on follow-up to the Summit. In the area of energy, the importance of renewable sources of energy was highlighted. It was further suggested that the issue of energy be taken up by CEB at a future session.


CEB endorsed the Committee’s conclusions on inter-agency collaborative arrangements for the follow-up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development relating to the areas mentioned above. These included the confirmation of UN Water as the inter-agency mechanism for follow-up to the water-related decisions of the Summit and the Millennium Development Goals concerning freshwater, along with a request for UN Water to finalize its terms of reference and modalities of work for submission to HLCP before the end of the year; the request to the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction for information on progress achieved in developing programmes for mitigating the effects of extreme water-related events; the request to UN Water to prepare a detailed plan for addressing water and sanitation issues; the establishment of an Oceans and Coastal Areas Network and the request for it to urgently set up a task group to draw up its terms of reference and work programme for submission to HLCP before the end of the current year; the endorsement of the 10-year framework on changing unsustainable patterns of consumption and production in the context of the Marrakesh Process; as well as the approach adopted by the Committee towards developing a system-wide coordination framework on energy. The Board requested HLCP to continue to monitor the implementation of inter-agency arrangements for follow-up to the World Summit, in order to ensure policy and programme coherence.