Further to the recommendations of the Independent Panel on Safety and Security to prepare actionable recommendations and options for a more effective United Nations-wide security management system, and the work of the Steering Committee for Staff Safety and Security working on the follow-up and implementation of the Panel’s proposals, the Board, at its fall 2008 session, had asked HLCM to further develop a comprehensive plan for a system-wide security management system. 


It had endorsed the policy recommendations emanating from the Steering Committee and was also submitting, for the Board’s endorsement, a draft CEB statement to Member States expressing its strong commitment to implementing a comprehensive plan for a strengthened and enhanced system-wide security management system, as well as the need to increase financial resources for it.

The Board’s discussions highlighted: the close relationship between the image and perception of the United Nations at the local level and the safety and security of its staff; the importance of ensuring adequate protection to national staff; the urgency of a more nuanced and sophisticated risk management framework that recognized the variety of mandates and requirements of different United Nations system organizations; and the need for increased financial resources for safety and security.


The Board adopted the "Statement of the Chief Executives Board on safety and security of United Nations system staff." The CEB statement "to Member States on the system’s commitment to a strengthened and enhanced system-wide security management system and on the need for adequate resources.