From their inception, all organizations of the common system introduced legislation in their staff regulations and rules generally confirming that a staff member would retire from service at age 60 unless his/her appointment was extended by the executive head.


No detailed record of the discussion on this topic was recorded.


The Committee:

Considered the UN Joint Staff Pension Board’s recommendation, at its fifty-sixth session, that “given the impact that increasing longevity will have on the financial situation of the Fund, its [Working Group on Plan Design] would need to consider the emerging trends in personnel policies further and possibly in conjunction with the normal retirement age provisions”, and that “such issues would require close consultations with ICSC and the HLCM”.

Considered the preliminary recommendations of the HR Network regarding the possibility of raising the mandatory age of separation, and decided that such recommendations should be further reviewed in light of the results of the forthcoming actuarial study to be carried out by the UN JSPF Board., i.e. after the financial sustainability of the Fund is quantified and a more detailed assessment is made of whether financial sustainability considerations should be driving changes in the mandatory separation age.

Requested member organizations to consult and nominate a few representatives to participate in the UNJSPF Working Group on Plan Design, and to provide the requested policy guidance to the Pension Board, prior to finalization of its work on this subject. Nominations should be forwarded to the CEB Secretariat.