Continuing an established practice of information sharing and coordination, the Committee was provided with an overview on the recent re-organization and streamlining exercise carried out by UNDG following its integration into the CEB framework, with particular references to activities related to the management area.


Ms. Susana Malcorra (WFP), in her capacity as Chair of the former UNDG Management Group and Mr. Ashok Nigam of UNDGO explained that the streamlining exercise had been conducted in an extremely thorough manner and had resulted in a new structure and a programme of work which was rooted in the distinctive competencies and specific mandate of UNDG as the CEB pillar providing support to country-level operations and addressing the integration needs posed by the “Delivering as One” pilots. In carrying out such functions, maximum coordination with HLCM would be pursued on system-wide issues.

The Committee underlined that any discussion leading to implications for the system and not limited to the country level, as well as discussions on policy and general guidance, should be channelled through HLCM for comprehensive consideration and buy-in by all UN system organizations. While safeguarding the needs of the pilot projects and, more in general, the requirements for guidance and support emerging from the country level, coordination between HLCM and UNDG on system-wide policies should be ensured upfront. This was considered important to ensure an effective contribution to the discussion and decision-making process by all HLCM member organizations, and to avoid the risk that a late involvement of a broader audience in any discussion be transformed in a ratification of decisions already taken.

The Committee also suggested that the TCPR resolution could provide a useful lens through which the operationalization of the revised CEB structure could be seen, and a means to facilitate a clear division of labour between the three pillars of CEB.


The Committee thanked Ms. Malcorra and Mr. Nigam for presenting the draft UNDG programme of work on management matters and an update on the new proposed UNDG structure and took note of them. HLCM and UNDG would pursue the maximum level of coordination in all management policy and guidance issues with relevance at the system-wide level. In particular, any discussions leading to implications for the UN system would be coordinated through HLCM and its Networks for comprehensive consideration and buy-in, while UNDG would ensure guidance and support for piloting solutions in countries and, more in general, for the requirements emerging from the country level.