The Secretary-General expressed satisfaction that the joint meeting of the two Committees had brought developments relating to the Staff College to the attention of CEB. A strong and lively Staff College, designed to nurture a common staff culture rooted in common values, was essential in sustaining the effort towards system-wide coherence.


The Director of the Staff College briefed the Board on developments since May 2006, when he took up his position. He had initiated a review, together with senior colleagues, to identify some of the weaknesses of the College, but also its potential strengths. Three perceived weaknesses had been identified: (a) it had sometimes been criticized for duplicating what individual United Nations agencies and programmes were already doing through their own training systems;
(b) its financial situation was vulnerable; and (c) its location in Turin was not central.


With regard to funding, $4 million had been secured from the Government of Italy, and a resource mobilization strategy was being developed to diversify funding sources, focusing on the role of the Staff College as an instrument to advance system-wide reform.The Director added that he was in an advanced stage of identifying a suitable venue that would capitalize on Turin’s location and provide an appropriate setting for senior colleagues’ brainstorming/retreat session.


During the discussions, it was recalled that the ILO Training Centre and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute were located on the same campus as the Staff College. A special effort should be made to enhance synergy among the three institutions.


CEB members expressed appreciation for the new directions being taken by the Staff College, and recommitted the system to making full and effective use of its facilities as an integral part of the renewed effort advocated in the “One United Nations” report to advance a learning culture system-wide. The Secretary-General assured the Director of the Staff College of the backing of CEB in building up a College owned by the whole United Nations system.