The report of the UN Change Management Team had been completed and its implementation was pending. The Change Plan built on the Secretary General’s vision for the organization: a modern, engaged and efficient Secretariat, founded on improved transparency, accountability, quality and confidence in the UN and its ideals.


The Committee was briefed by the Chair of the UN Secretariat Change Management Team, Mr. Wonsoo Kim, Deputy Chef de Cabinet on the four principal areas being addressed by the Change Plan, namely:

  • Enhancing trust and confidence: towards a more stakeholder and client-oriented organizational culture;
  • Engaging staff: a global, dynamic, adaptable, meritocratic and physically secure workforce;
  • Improving working methods: a more open and accountable UN with streamlined procedures;
  • Rationalizing structures and functions: optimal locations, common services and expanded partnerships.

The Committee was reminded by Mr. Kim that for the first time in recent history, the UN budget had been reduced by 5% and that underpinning the change management programme was the requirement of the Secretary General to deliver to the same level with fewer resources. Members of HLCM recognized that changes put forward by the UN Secretariat would have an inevitable impact on all organizations, most notably the Funds and Programmes. Close collaboration was requested to ensure that the Secretariat considers the diverse business models and mandates of the organizations of the system in moving to implement the changes.


The Committee:

  • Noted that, while organizations have different business models, many change management initiatives underway in the system converge and/or are complementary. The Committee agreed to continue to share best practices.
  • Took note of the report of the UN Change Management Team and agreed to consider any follow up action with respect to issues that may require alignment or coordination at the system-wide level.
  • Requested the Change Management Team to engage organizations of the system in all phases of the change management process and to include other organizations in the steering committee.