The CEB Secretary briefed the Committee on the preparations under way for the High-level Plenary Meeting of the sixty-fifth session of the General Assembly in September 2010, with focus on accelerating progress towards the achievement of all the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. In that regard, the Committee had been provided with relevant written materials in preparation for that summit.


Members of the Committee reaffirmed their commitment to supporting the leadership role of the Secretary-General. They noted, however, that emphasis on what the United Nations system as a whole was concretely contributing on the ground and otherwise in order to help Governments achieve the Millennium Development Goals was largely missing from his report. Concern was also expressed regarding the process of coordinating the United Nations system preparations for the summit. The large number of United Nations reports that were expected to be published for that occasion risked fragmenting the message leading to and possibly emerging from the summit, as well as diluting the voice of a “One United Nations”.

The Committee members underscored the importance of taking a broad view, given the interlinkages among the Millennium Development Goals, and considered that approaching the Goals as an integrated package would help to advance the collective agendas of United Nations system organizations. Given the significance of the Millennium Development Goals, and mindful of the advanced stage in the preparations for the September summit, the Committee engaged in an in-depth discussion on the contribution that it and, more broadly, CEB, could make to the summit. In that connection, it was recalled that the High-level Committee on Programmes had prepared the CEB report entitled One United Nations — Catalyst for Progress and Change: How the Millennium Declaration is Changing the Way the UN System Works as a collective contribution by the United Nations system to the 2005 World Summit.


The Chairperson noted that consensus on two products seemed to be emerging from the Committee’s discussion: (a) a letter from the Chairperson of the High-level Committee on Programmes to the Secretary-General seeking his guidance on key political messages for the summit, to be discussed at the forthcoming CEB session in spring 2010; and (b) a paper for consideration at the next session of the High-level of the Committee on Programmes on the basis of the Committee’s reflection on the global financial and economic crisis, the Millennium Development Goals and moving towards fairer, greener, more sustainable globalization.