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The Director of the CEB secretariat briefed the Committee on recent developments on system-wide coherence, on the basis of a note that had been circulated in advance of the session. He informed the membership that the two facilitators newly appointed by the President of the General Assembly, the Permanent Representatives of Ireland and of the United Republic of Tanzania, had already embarked on a series of consultations and had instilled new energy into the process.


In the ensuing discussion, participants welcomed the United Nations system’s move towards greater coherence from within, and noted the increasing prominence of CEB in intergovernmental forums. A number of speakers stressed the importance of coherence at the operational level and the guidance being provided by Member States within the framework of the triennial comprehensive policy review of operational activities for development of the United Nations system. A number of challenges still needed to be satisfactorily addressed, including with regard to improved collaboration with the Bretton Woods institutions, donor coherence, coherence among decisions of governing bodies of the system and the incorporation of global policy issues into considerations of delivering as one. Participants agreed that it would be disappointing if the issue of gender were to fall off the coherence agenda. The need for more policy coherence among United Nations organizations at the regional level was also highlighted, together with the need to establish vertical linkages between the global and regional levels.cess.


The committe agreed that the CEB secretariat will regularize systematic consultation with the Policy Committee secretariat to ensure greater complementarity between the work of the two committees and to make sure that issues of a broad system-wide nature involve the relevant actors.