Action date



The Director of the CEB secretariat briefed the Committee on recent developments during the fourth year of consultations in the General Assembly on the recommendations contained in the report of the Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on System-wide Coherence. A significant achievement during 2009 consultations had been the understanding that the United Nations institutional framework would need to be reviewed in order to address systemic issues; consequently several of the recommendations of the General Assembly had been directed towards CEB. 


The ensuing discussion in the Committee highlighted that the intergovernmental consultation in the General Assembly had revealed a reluctance to pursue further institutional reform. Member States’ discussions of the funding issue focused on shifting allocations from non-core to core activities, on the predictability and flexibility of resources and on additionalities. Moreover, common country programming remained a contentious issue. It was also noted that the legal status of the proposed new United Nations entity on gender remained under consideration.


In its reflection on issues related to system-wide coherence, the Committee highlighted the importance of enhanced synergy among the three CEB pillars: the High-level Committee on Management, the High-level Committee on Programmes and the United Nations Development Group. In particular, it was suggested that the three committees could benefit from further cross-fertilization of expertise. Committee members agreed that the issue could be pursued further in the context of the ongoing review of CEB.