The Committee heard an update from the CEB secretariat on the work done with regard to the strengthening of the International Civil Service. The report of the Panel, which had met three times in the first half of 2004 and had included participation by the Chairman of ICSC as an ex officio member, had included recommendations on the role, functioning and working methods of the International Civil Service Commission, the criteria and process for the selection of its members, the implications for its secretariat and the enhancement of the Commission’s capacity to strengthen the international civil service. The comments of the Commission on the Panel report had been made available in late September and a draft text for inclusion in the Secretary-General’s Report to the General Assembly had subsequently been circulated to members of the Committee for their review and comments.


No detailed record of the discussion on this topic was recorded.


The Committee:

  • Unanimously endorsed the report containing the comments of the Secretary-General on the Report of the Panel on the Strengthening of the International Civil Service;
  • Recalling the long process leading up to the convening of the Panel and the inclusion of the Chairman of ICSC on the Panel, decided to recommend to CEB members that they convey to him and, through him to the Commission:
  • Their strong disappointment at the ICSC’s comments on the Panel’s report which call into question any real commitment on the part of the Commission to improve and change, and the value of CEB’s dialogue with its Chairman; and
  • Their expectation that the outcome of the General Assembly’s discussion will respond in a positive manner to the key recommendations of the Review Panel.  The absence of a positive outcome, as a consequence of ICSC’s position, would lead CEB to review the nature of the participation of organizations in the work of the Commission.  It also risks having an extremely negative impact on the unity of the common system.

The Committee members agreed to brief their Executive Heads on this issue.