The Director-General of ILO introduced the report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization, entitled “A fair globalization: creating opportunities for all”. He stressed that the composition of the Commission of individuals with diverse views on the issue of globalization was critical for achieving a balanced perspective and, consequently, a way forward for more equitable globalization. The Commission had also benefited from an extensive series of dialogues with key actors around the world.



Board members were invited to examine the proposals contained in the report, in the light of how each organization could contribute to achieving more equitable globalization. In that regard, the Director-General highlighted the Commission’s strong support of multilateralism, addressing important issues of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability. There was a need for further thinking and collective action on such critical issues as an international framework on migration, foreign direct investment, the role of parliaments and, most importantly, policy coherence.

To move in this direction, the Commission had proposed that concerned international organizations should launch “policy coherence initiatives” to develop more balanced policies for achieving a fair and inclusive globalization. The first such initiative would be on “sustainable growth, investment and employment”. The Board and the Economic and Social Council would be kept informed of work in this area. In addition, the Commission had called for a greater convergence of actors through a “globalization policy forum”, bringing the United Nations system together with organizations and individuals concerned with the social dimensions of globalization. The forum would assess the social impact of developments and policies in the global economy on a regular basis.


The Board took note with appreciation of the report of the Commission and decided to pursue its implications for the system further at its retreat.