It is foreseen that discussion at the current session under this item will allow for exchanges in respect of initiatives being taken by different organizations individually or jointly in given locations.  To this end, members of the Committee will be invited to provide information in respect of their organization which they think would be of interest.

A representative of UNDP provided an oral presentation on the introduction of a relocation grant.  Details of the grant as developed by UNDP are provided in an Information Document

The matter of the relocation grant has been reviewed and supported by the then CCAQ(PER) and subsequently by the inter-agency HR Network.  The Network was informed in June 2001 that UNICEF had also introduced the UNDP arrangements and that UNHCR was looking into doing the same.


No detailed record of the discussion on this topic was recorded.


The Committee:

  • Took note with appreciation of the introduction of the UNDP pilot lump sum relocation grant; a project which, inter alia, exchanged absolute precision and control for efficiency, simplicity and greater user satisfaction;
  • Looked forward to receiving the outcome of the project evaluation as soon as possible;
  • Acknowledged that, in that as in other areas, it was important to review what greater simplifications of the United Nations family’s complex entitlement system were feasible, desirable and cost-effective while ensuring that staff were not disadvantaged;
  • Decided to invite a task force, led by UNDP, to undertake such a review as soon as possible and to put forward modalities for the introduction of such simplified arrangements for the Committee’s consideration at its next session;
  • Also decided to inform the Administrative Committee on Coordination of the importance of taking a vigorous approach to simplification within a tight time frame without trying to seek perfection.