At the last IASMN meeting, the security level system had been reviewed after being in place for just over one year. Although the USG for Safety and Security had supported abolishing the single aggregate security level as he believed having a single weighted number created confusion, he informed HLCM that the IASMN, after a very robust discussion, did not wish to tinker with the SLS system after a year and decided to continue with a single weighted number.

Although he still believed that the single aggregate security level for a given location should be abolished, he did support the IASMN decision that the single number would from now on be downplayed in threat and travel advisories and that the individual security level for each category of threat would be indicated, with the category with the highest number highlighted.


The Committee agreed with DSS that it is important to not give too much weight to the total numerical security rating provided by the SLS, but to look at the different component numbers. Not doing so, can lead to the misinterpretation of security risks and failure to take appropriate mitigation measures.


The Committee took note of the review by the IASMN of the Security Level System one year after its implementation and of the IASMN’s recommendation not to amend the SLS at this time, but to emphasize in travel advisories the five component categories of threats and hazards, with attention drawn to the threat category with the highest rating.