The Committee received a presentation from WFP on its proposals for how organizations should cover the liabilities of their own staff on WFP-administered flights.  Although several organizations supported in principle the need to provide cover for their own staff, questions were raised regarding the following: the possibility of increasing or providing additional coverage, building such costs into the air service operations budget, liabilities for non-UN staff on flights and the introduction of an insurance tax.


No detailed record of the discussion on this topic was recorded.


The Committee:

  • Thanked WFP for its work to-date on this issue and asked it to lead a small group to consider the options for resolving this matter, in particular the following options be considered (i) WFP pay for more coverage and raise its costs to organizations appropriately; (ii) the UN pay for all air passengers or; (iii) flights are limited to UN staff only.  Organizations wishing to participate in the work of the group were requested to identify themselves to WFP.