The Committee received a report from the CEB secretariat on the survey to determine UN System spending (costs for 2003 and budgets for 2004) in the following eight categories for headquarters and the field:

  • Direct costs for staff responsible for security
  • Security missions
  • Costs relating to communications supplies
  • Costs relating to evacuation or other events (2003 only)
  • Costs relating to compliance with the revised Minimum Operating Security Standards
  • Installation/upgrading of security facilities
  • Insurances
  • Other



Responses to the survey had been received from twenty-three organizations and a number of issues relating to the collection and delineation of the data were highlighted, in particular: over-lapping and double-counting where organizations provide security services for each other; how to account for shared services such as UNSECOORD; confidentiality of data; costs that are embedded in associated budget line items; and budget appropriation and accounting cycles which made it difficult to verify the requested data.


The Committee:

  • Thanked the Secretariat for the work done so far and agreed that a working group be established to report back to the next session of HLCM on how security costs should be categorised for reporting purposes.  This would then enable all organizations to report security spending in a consistent and transparent manner.  The working group should involve the FB Network and should include, in its proposals, how to address the issue of accounting and reporting for spending on security that was cost-shared.