In the context of its on-going review of policies and resource-related issues pertaining to the entire UN security management system, HLCM received a briefing from the UN Office of the Security Coordinator.  Its attention was drawn, in particular, to the conclusions of the May 2002 Meeting of the Inter-Agency Security Management Network.


No detailed record of the discussion on this topic was recorded.



  • agreed that UN chartered flight operations should be divided into two distinct categories:  peace-keeping and humanitarian/other;
  • requested WFP to consider taking on the role as the agency responsible for administering all UN humanitarian and other air operations (excluding peace-keeping);
  • requested WFP also to consider establishing a suitable independent Air Safety unit to ensure both the efficiency and safety of UN humanitarian and other air operations;*
  • welcomed UNHCR’s offer to join WFP and DPKO in the Air Safety Working Group;
  • noted that progress had been made with regard to identifying the safety records of commercial air carriers and expressed appreciation for ICAO's offer of collaboration on this matter;
  • called on those agencies which continued to demand that staff sign a waiver limiting the liability of the organization in the event of an air or other accident, to discontinue this practice.

(*  subject to reservation by UNHCR)