The Committee heard an update from the CEB secretariat on work with UNSECOORD to enable more accurate data collection in the 2004 census.  The census would be held on 1 April 2004 and organizations had already been provided with an automated return system that required them to provide information on staff names and numbers by location and contract type.  Focal points were being established in each organization, who would be responsible for receiving and signing-off their respective data and returning it to the CEB secretariat no later than 15 April 2004


Several Committee members voiced concerns over the request for inclusion of staff names in the census.  It was pointed out that staff members moved regularly throughout the UN system; thus, the data would become inaccurate almost immediately and problems could arise if a claim was made for a staff member who was not named in the insurer’s records.  WHO also raised the concern that, even if such data were only for the record of the CEB secretariat, it would be obliged to pass such information to the Malicious Acts Insurance Polity (MAIP) underwriters, if requested.


The Committee:

  • Agreed that the 2004 census should include data on numbers of staff by location and contract type but without the names of staff members;
  • Requested all organizations to review their census process so as to ensure thorough, rigorous and timely census returns;
  • Requested the CEB secretariat to investigate any anomalies in the data received with individual organizations; if the count was not rigorous to refer the matter back to HLCM for a review of the entire census process