The representative of ILO introduced the note by ILO and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, referring to General Assembly resolution 63/230 on the Second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (2008-2017), which identified “Full employment and decent work for all” as a theme for the Decade. She recalled the important work that the Committee had already achieved in promoting policy coherence in this area through the development of the CEB Toolkit for Mainstreaming Employment and Decent Work and noted that work to be undertaken in the context of the earlier crisis discussion would also inform outcomes undertaken under this agenda item. The representative of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs underscored the contribution that full employment and decent work for all could make to the eradication of poverty. The Committee, as the principal body for system-wide coordination in the programme area, provided a well-established forum to support the coherent development and implementation of an effective programme of action to ensure measurable results.


The High-level Committee agreed to establish a time-bound cluster group of Committee members, led by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs and ILO, to prepare a draft action plan for review at the next Committee meeting.